You know what would be Genius?

Buying Bitcoin Ethereum Avax Degen Coq Inu Pepe Bitcoin  with Solana WIF COST SharkCat Mfer BoME Roost Solana  without bridging.

With Genius, it’s possible.

Make your Genius cloud wallet in thirty seconds.

Earn yield.

Deposit and Withdraw Instantly.

On Genius, earn


by depositing USDC.

High Stable Yield

No risk of impermanent loss when the deposits and yield are in USDC creating a safe environment for all participants.

Refer & Earn

Have friends using other exchanges? The more utilization on Genius means higher APY on your USDC. Refer your friends and earn points and higher yield


FTX destroyed consumer trust in crypto. Genius is an exchange that outclasses the performance, experience, and opportunity of FTX, with 0 counter party risk.

We never have access to your funds, by design.

You do. Always.


Top-notch security.


Funds can't be withdrawn from the platform unless you have verify withdrawal


The funds you depsit on Genius are yours, we can’t steal them


Genius goes through rigorous technical audits to ensure your funds are safe on our platform

A team you can trust

Backed by the best, with a trusted track record

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What is Genius?

Genius is the first way to buy anything, anywhere from 1 place while you retain full custody of your assets.

We believe in a future where thousands of tokens are traded across hundreds of chains - Genius is the decentralized layer to facilitate these transactions in a fast, safe, and compliant way.

How does Genius work?

When you create an account on Genius it creates a cloud wallet and your keys are sharded across Lit Protocol. This allows us to create a place where you can exchange tokens in a decentralized and non-custodial way. Genius uses vaults on supported networks to abstract away the bridging process and create a seamless non-custodial way to buy any token. 

Genius Vaults are smart contract vaults that are orchestrated by a set of Lit PKPs (Guardians) that can be infinitely scaled. Vaults cannot be PKPs themselves as a PKP is a wallet and inherently rate limited by its nonce. To account for this, Genius vault funds are only allowed to be released by the set of Guardians that are controlled only by Lit Actions. Thus if Alice is swapping from chain X to chain Y, once funds are swapped into chain X, an unoccupied Lit Guardian will trigger the release of funds to Alice’s PKP on chain Y.

Does Genius hold my funds?

No, not at all. When you create your account the private key is shattered and sent across dozens of nodes. The only person who is able to act on behalf of your account is you. 

Genius leverages Lit Protocol's MPC network to ensure the security of users' funds during cross-chain swaps. The user's cloud wallet keys are sharded across the Lit Protocol, making it non-custodial and decentralized. Furthermore, Genius' liquidity architecture, which utilizes Genius Vaults on target networks, eliminates the need for user-facing bridges and minimizes the risk of fund loss during cross-chain transactions. For more detail on Lit, please refer to Lit Security Implications FAQ.

What can I buy?

What crypto can I buy?Anything on the chains we support.

If you have the $ticker or the contract address of the token you want to purchase simply drop it in the search bar when swapping. We currently support the networks Ethereum, Base, Solana, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Blast, Fantom, and BNB Chain.

How can I withdraw my money/crypto?

There are 2 ways to withdraw your money, 

Off-ramp through Moonpay: You can swap from any token into USDC and then off-ramp that USDC through Moonpay into your bank account. 

Withdraw your crypto: You can withdraw and send your crypto to whatever wallet you choose. This could be a wallet on an exchange that you have an account with where you can convert the crypto to cash and withdraw that cash to the bank of your choosing.  If you want to reduce risk we recommend holding USDC

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